Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Second Leon and Lulu Show

Just finished my second show at the wonderful Leon and Lulu Furniture Store. This event held four times a year is quite fun to attend as an artist and as shopper.

I had a great time both days August 29th and August 31st, I had lots of visitors to my table including some returning from the last one I did in May. A few friends that came as well, it is great to see familiar faces in the crowd each spending time with me at the table which help to sneak away to the restroom or get a drink.

I really do try and learn something new or take away a few new ideas from each offline event I do. Face to face is a huge part of improving every aspect of my efforts to running a handmade business. I take notes during and right after while they are fresh, make notes of items that are popular, those that are not and what people "wish" I had. I also keep a super detailed list of items at the show including fabrics and counts of items to learn from that info too.

I had a good start on products for the sale as I have been ramping up for the busy fall season pretty much all year. I felt I had a good assortment of items and also brought my newest items, "10 items or less" shopping bags, and reusable produce bags. I sold several of each, enough to make it an item I will bring again. I also brought more accessory ensembles and sold quite a few of those.

This is my staging area, luckily I have a large mostly empty guest room I use to sort, organize and inventory my creations. I try to figure spacing and basket arrangements for the shows here.

This is the last stop before load into the car, once items are in their baskets and displays they are loaded into bins at the truck. I only stack at the last minute as cotton does wrinkle and I want things in the best shape possible. Still trying to get DH to understand this : )

I was in a corner all to myself, I really did not mind as I had lots of visitors. I had very few lulls in the day but when I did I took rest in the super comfy blue and white chair behind my area.

A great show and a great location I hope to return to the Market Thanksgiving weekend, will have to watch for application submission and then cross my fingers : )

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MaryLiz said...

Thank you for joining us at the Artists' Market! You are a delight and your merchandise is terrific. We look forward to your application for the November Market

Best regards from your friends at Leon & Lulu

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