Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Three Ring Binder

If you are like me you are always juggling paperwork. I use a three ring binder as one of my vessels and recently jazzed it up with some photo collages from my items.

I had to print some pictures for an upcoming show and used a local grocery store for prints, for about 9 cents a piece I got 15 pictures printed. They looked so amazing that I wanted to use some for embellishing my boring white binder.

When I went to order more prints online using Snapfish, I realized I could get 8 x 10 inch photo collages and got the front cover. I was able to add a title, and pick up locally for $2.99. You could use up to 30 pictures and can randomize them until you get a look you like. I then did a few 5 x 7 inch prints for the back, one with totes taken outside and one of just wristlets. You did not have the title option for this size, they were .79 cents each.

Back Cover, using 2 5 x 7 inch collage prints

They looked amazing, this would be a great option for a photo album or if you need or use pictures in show displays. I am thinking about making up a few for a new artist market I am doing.

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