Friday, September 24, 2010

Display Pieces for Yellow Door

Metal pedestal stand found at yard sale - $2.00

I have been getting display pieces ready to go for Yellow Door. I have a budget of $300.00 for these items, though this is not written in stone, I would actually like to do it for less. In my 9 x 6 foot space I am planning the following items, some I already had around the house that are not being used or can go for a trial run.
  • Table, this will be in the back corner of my space, we have a few small dining type tables so I am going to use one from home. Undecided if I will cover it with a table cloth or covering. This will hold baskets with accessories, I hope to do some tiered display and am still considering options.
  • Headboard, we purchased a long thin table like headboard from Ikea, and though it is assembled we have never used it as a headboard, it is more like a sofa table. We won't miss it for a few months and I think it will look great, it is dark wood. This will go the entire depth of my space on one side.
  • Piano Bench, I managed to snagged a used one at a local fund raising estate sale event for Habitat for Humanity a great piece to nest under my table for only $10.00.
  • Hooks and waterfall purse racks, these have been ordered and will be along the back wall as a focal point looking into the booth area.
  • Baskets, buckets and containers, I need lots of these and have been hitting a few garage sales to get some deals as well. I often use Longaberger baskets in my displays so swapping these out with lower cost options. I posted a few pics below, along with my great finds.
  • Small tables, plant stands, racks, shelves, floor displays, I am considering lots of items but will make decisions once I see the space, which will be early October.
Rectangular wire basket new Target - $10.00

Collection of 3 wire baskets yard sales - $1.25 for all 3

Black Metal Basket yard sale - $3.00

2 New Baskets and Bowl - $7.00 each

2 Tiered Leaf stand church rummage sale, was new with tags - $5.00, this is also sitting on my headboard display piece

I have a few more ideas that I will be deciding upon, mostly I will have a small corner to fill out and want to do some type of hook display system for wristlets. Trips to Ikea, Bed Bath and Beyond, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot and Home Goods are in my future.

Lots to plan and get organized...STILL

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