Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Have a Sewing Gremlin

You know you have wished for gremlins to come in over night and finish some tedious task. My gremlin is actually my husband, the above stack was waiting for me in my sewing room this morning. Of course I knew it would be waiting as he often helps me with the loads of ironing that goes into my items.

While the above looks neat and orderly I can assure you he spent about 3 hours at the iron, and never complains. He loads up on DVD's or books on tape and relaxes on the couch with his elaborate sorting system and quietly irons for hours.

He has been actively helping with the construction of my items for about two or three years, it was the last time the Detroit Red Wings were in the Stanley cup playoffs, or won I don't recall. He pretty much never sits and watches tv (in fact he did not own a tv prior to us being married) so it was odd to see him sitting there night after night. It dawned on me, he could be helping while sitting so we tested a few tasks that he was ok to do and that I trusted him to do.

Since then we have a system in place and I have let go almost completely these tasks to wait for his time to help. On average he will help 2-3 nights a week during busy times. I am prepping for fall and the holidays so this will probably be the norm with a few nights added in along the way.

Not only is the help GREATLY appreciated but it helps to keep me organized and with a system. I need to make sure I have enough stuff waiting for it to be worthwhile for him to help.

He does an awesome job and often is better then I would do as he is focused just on these items. I often find these tasks to laborious, though very important and he pays great attention to the details. With these tasks mostly off my plate I can foucus my energy on planning, cutting and sewing.

I am sure to thank him constantly for his efforts as I know I would get about half as much done without my gremlin!


Kelly said...

Looks great - so organized!

BandsBowsNBarrettes said...

That's so nice of him! My Gremlin helps with all the computer related things like posting listings making business bards etc.
It's so nice to have them help :)

Jane Skoch said...

Fantastic helper! And you are so organized! Will have to explore your blog a bit! Jane from Etsy (Maiden Jane)

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