Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yellow Door Friends and Family Night

I am super excited to have sent out my invite for the friends and family night. I have decided not to do my annual home show and do this instead. It will be fun to have everyone come see my new shop, and see all the other super talented Michigan artists.

The date for this event is November 11th, best part I don't have to clean the house and they will be handling all the "sips and snacks" it will be great to just hang out and chat and show off my "shop". Plus spending a few hours at Yellow Door will be a real treat.

I had actually wanted to do my invite the end of last week but evite the service I usually use is migrating to a new site, so it was a new invitation site and setting that up the held me up for a few days.

I opted to use "Socializr" it was much more intuitive, easy to create my own design with my own pictures. It gives you the option to look at stats, comments and replies all from your event page. I highly recommend them and will be my choice for future events.

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