Friday, November 19, 2010

Signing and Pricing Ideas

I always seem to be searching for a best way to price and sign my items. I use a combination of ideas, both blanket pricing and individual pricing. My most recent idea came as a result of seeing my ideas in action at Yellow Door.

I wanted to add little "ideas for usage" to my items, since I cannot be there to show ideas or give creative uses for my items I added descriptive tags, and added to this my shop name and pricing, so at a glance the shopper can see this information, even without picking up and looking for the price.

Clip on signs, layers of card stock and pretty papers, and a clothespin

I used simple supplies that I had on hand to create these eye catching signs.

Card stock, scrapbook papers, clothespin and glue - I went all out and used overly powerful E6000.

I used E6000 for a super strong adhesive

I made my signs in a Word document, printed, trimmed, and layered with colorful papers that match my little "logo", it is not really a logo but a graphic I had purchased from an etsy seller.

I also got from Ikea these nifty white pedastal photo frames, they were only .99 cents and worked well for my little accessory sets, above ready to go, below - in action.

Below, are my signs in action, I like the extra information and ideas shown. This gives the shopper a idea or inspiration on how they could use the items, since I am not there in person to help with shopping.

The great thing about these signs it was all items I had on hand, they were super quick to make and low cost, I can easily add or adjust signs as needed and replace easily as well. I may add a few of these to my show line up as well.

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Mary said...

great idea, I love the little white holders.

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