Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Holiday Shows

I did back to back shows this past Thanksgiving weekend. Troy Elf Shelf and Leon and Lulu Artist Market. I had a great time at both events and managed to get up Monday, stock Yellow Door and get back into the sewing room.

Troy Elf Shelf, before and after

Friday was set up for Elf Shelf, they said it was a long walk from parking to the building and they were right, it was extremely long, and extremely cold and windy, temps in the mid 20's. Luckily we have a dolly and it took about 5 trips to bring everything inside. I got it all set up in less then 2 hours.

I had hoped to keep the truck packed and just go straight to Leon and Lulu Sunday, but really felt I needed to regroup and reorganize my items, so we did end up bringing them inside. Luckily for Leon and Lulu I only needed 1 gridwall, and my products. I will be returning to Leon and Lulu Tuesday 3-8pm.

Leon & Lulu Artist Market, this is my third time attending this event

Back to the sewing room, I really need to start over on cutting and sewing. When I do this I pull out stacks and stacks of fabrics and begin, planning, cutting and sewing. I really have lost track of what has sold where, and what I need to make so I am just going to dive in and cut and sew.

Monday morning, quiet, back in the sewing room

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