Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vintage Sheet Music Jackpot

I went to a local rummage sale last weekend and managed to snag a box of sheet music for $3.00. I was leafing through it and was amazed what great shape it was in, and in checking some of the dates, many are 40 plus years old, a few dating before the 1920's.

As I was looking at the old images and and beautiful music notes and old style fonts I was reminded of the many projects I have seen over the years calling for sheet music. As my mind wondered I sort of realized I needed it, one of the volunteers said I could have it all for $3.00 - such a deal!

I am going to go through them and take out any that might have some value, mainly I am going to cut this up and don't want to damage anything someone might like as a collectible. I may sell some in my destash shop or share with friends for craft projects.

I am thinking mostly now of Christmas items, like cone ornaments, napkin rings, decoupaging. I will be digging through supplies and getting out lots of things to embellish, I think my 5 year old and myself will have lots of fun playing.

Be sure to check back I hope to post some projects along the way, any ideas feel free to share.

Vintage works of art, soon to be upcycled "works of art"

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