Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Few Random Topics

Dining room alcove, new paint job

We spent pretty much the entire weekend painting our living room and dining room, which is a good amount of our first floor. So lots of upheaval and moving furniture back and forth in the house. This area is pretty much done, beside a few touch ups, we have taped the hallway which is a small defined area however there are lots of doors and this area also needs to have the ceiling painted.

We also moved indoors the buffet, yes I have decided this is/was a buffet and not a dresser, mainly because there is a big stamp on the back "buffet". This to got painted and polyurethane treatment as well, it is not quite done so I will wait for the big reveal. We actually managed to get this inside fairly easily in spite of its huge size. We did break a piece of the siding that went under our front door, I suppose I should add the price of that repair to this makeover...sigh.

Buffet color, it is one shade darker then in the dining room

This is the blue I chose it is actually called "Teal Bayou" from Behr, a sample size for 3.00 covered the entire piece. We applied the paint then with dry brush wiped off some of the paint, below are the first strokes going on. This gets good!

These carvings, there are four on this piece are going to get their own makeover, but first I need to sand and prep as I changed my mind on what I want done with these. My husband actually came up with the idea I plan to use.

I managed to finish this for about 60.00 bringing the total for this buffet and its makeover to just over 100.00. I am actually going to do another paint treatment on the carvings and want to line the drawers with something or paint them or both, so guessing I could be spending another 15-25.00 to get it completely done. It is however in ready to use condition, so far it is an awesome addition to our beyond boring foyer.

Also on the weekend I made a full turkey dinner, no kidding even cranberry sauce. My thinking was a lot of food so when painting we had leftovers. I made a mountain of mashed potatoes so the leftovers really felt like Thanksgiving. I did not get any good pics of the turkey after cooked, I soaked this in a brine solution for about 24 hours, it was extremely moist and juicy out of the over, after that I tasted no difference, my husband was on and on all weekend about how good it was. Moral of the story, I WOULD brine a turkey again. I think it helped a lot as this has been in the freezer for about 4 months.

Now for this nifty painting trick we tried and it worked. At the end of painting each day we wrapped our rollers in foil then double bagged and put in the fridge, they were still wet the next day and ready for painting. I think this saved us about 20.00 doing this over the course of our painting.

Also, my window seat is getting a makeover too, here are some before pics. It will be the same blue as in the dining room as it is along the same wall. I will also be making a new cushion and pillows, so that is underway as well.

After all this we will be moving upstairs to do our daughers Princess room, you guessed in "pink and purple".


maninthemoonherbs said...

The dinng room looks beautiful- love that blue!

lorenabr said...

Lovely color! :)

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