Friday, March 9, 2012

Kanzashi Challenge and New Items

Just over a week since I challenged myself to make flowers and yo-yo's and I must say I have done pretty good making flowers. I actually have been keeping a tally (over there top right), through today I have made 32 flowers and 4 yo yo's. And here is what I have been doing with them. Brooches, wristlets and clutches all dropped at Yellow Door today.

New item, this is a large clutch with lots of details, firstly pleated style, each side has inward facing pleats. The clutch has an inset zipper that sits about an inch below the top of the clutch. And to top it all off a kanzashi brooch, I made this a brooch so you can decide where best to complete your look. Most of them I put in the middle, though for some off to a side may look is up to you.

Then a pleated wristlet, the same shape and design as the clutch but smaller and with a handle to loop over your wrist, this is the same approximate size as my trapezoid wristlets with a few notable differences. An inset zipper, again below the top of the wristlet, topstitched handles, just a little finishing touch. And a kanzashi brooch, again I made this removable so you can place where you like, and can be dependant if you wear the wrist on your right or left hand.

I could not resist adding a few more pics, this was a busy week working out all the details.

For my flower challenge it is great fun taking a stack of squares and combining them with buttons and pins, you can see the chaos below.

Lovely flowers, mount to a felt/pin combo to make these lovely little brooches, perfect little accessory to compliment an outfit or coat, add to a bag or scarf, combine into your own little bouquet.

I have take these over to yellow door and will be adding more styles in the coming weeks, along with mix and match buttons. I also hope to add some simple ready to embellish coin purses and accessories to create your own look.

I am quite happy with my progress on my flower challenge and my new years resolution, this was on my list of things to work on. I hope to share next weeks some tips and ideas to make your own pins.

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