Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dresser Makeover Begins

We have been spoiled by a fantastic March, days on end into the 70's so we have started to makeover our dresser/buffet. This will reside in our foyer, it will be a big piece that I am hoping makes a statement and serve us with storage function as well. You can see my original blog post on this here.

We painted our foyer, so when ready we can move this piece in, I still need to get and do the trim, hopefully that will be in the next week. We are basically painting our entire first floor the same color it is, it is in fact boring but we hope to add more accessories and a few surprises of color. We also need a new rug and probably a replacement of pillows and window seat, so sticking with the same color was the easy choice, which is ok as we needed to make some choice. The house needed some TLC, patching and sprucing up, we figure we can always paint a room or are later, the hard work is in the prep.

I set out slow but sure, something about completely defacing a perfectly fine, albeit ugly piece of furniture is a bit heartbreaking. I am over it as I know this piece will now live longer then in its current state, I will remind you at this point I paid 55.00 for this huge piece.

So, I started manually sanding it, having zero impact on it, as I sanded it more and more it really seemed to bounce back, almost hard to see the sanding that was done. Of course DH jumped in with a sander and is almost no time had really scuffed it up all over.

I managed to get the hardware off, it is truly ugly I think this will be fun update to do. I also plan on lining with fabric or wallpaper depending on what I find. I still have not picked out the color though am pretty sure it will be some shade of blue. To the blue I plan on letting the wood shine through a bit or distressing with some brown glaze and/or metallic accents...I have lots ideas we'll see where it all ends up!

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