Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March and April Sewing Challenge

The last of the April Kanzashi and Yo Yo's, still a few loose threads

I finished my March sewing challenge of making at least two kanzashi flower or yo yo's per day. While I missed a few days of making any, overall I surpassed my goal, the final count is 62 kanzashi and 23 yo yo's.

I am giving myself another challenge for April, from my New Years Resolution to do more piecing and making these into more items for sale. I am not going to set a hard goal of number but just a general desire to work through scraps and make more quilt inspired looks. I hope to do about 10-15 this would be an item every 2-3 days, which is sort of realistic. This first week here in April is spring break, with kiddo home I am getting much less done through the 9th of the month.

Pieced rectangle, this will be a large list taker, retro brown fabrics, one of my personal favorite things to piece, I have loads of these types of scraps.

I also hope to make a new item for my line, a request I get often an over the shoulder bag. I am also hoping or planning to combine this with my piecing above. I hope to offer a few styles and sizes so lots of prototypes and probably time spent with the seam ripper. In this item I will also be adding a zipper top....gasp another long time requested item.

Should be a fun and busy month!

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