Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Business Cards

So I decided since Vistaprint was giving away business cards that I would play around and get something new. I opted for one of their images that had some purses along the side.

I edited way down info and options that I had my previous cards that I have been using for about 4 years. For the front I included business name, my name, etsy store address, blog address and an email, shifting away from my personal email.

The back has just a simple sentence of what it is I make, a large blank spot and at the bottom my etsy address again. I am finding that when I do shows having a blank spot to write additional items will be helpful. I did actually have to pay about $6.00 for the printing on the back and shipping, overall I am pleased and for now have 250 of these new cards.


MADA said...

looks great :)
You just remind me I need to have those before christmas and time is just flying by

Charity Lynn said...

Ok, I am curious. I'm getting ready to order new business cards for a new shop I am opening - but while VistaPrint is allowing me to get my business cards for just shipping and handling, I can't edit the backs of the cards, only the fronts. :/

Did you have a special deal or coupon for yours? (Yes I'm nosy and I *love* your new business cards.)

Jenn said...

i LOVE vistaprint!!!! they have been doing my business cards for a few years and I even have my main shop website with them! they are just fabulous - i have only good things to say about vistaprint!!!

guddu singh kaushik said...

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