Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rummage Sale Finds

Fall is definitely here and so are the rummage sales, great place to get items for craft show displays. I owe a thank you to my sister in law who volunteered recently and had kind of a first pick of the items donated. She managed to snag me 6 metal baskets, my fave for displaying my creations.

Best part, she got all 6 of them for $8.00, recently I have needed to get more of these due to my participation at State of MInd and the local shows I am doing this fall. Here are the baskets she got for me and a quickie makeover for one of them is below.

Lovely round basket with handle

Rectangle with handle, wicker bottom

This was the largest, with ivy accents

This one I did a quickie makeover, there was a 6 x 6 inch tile on the bottom, not really my style so a piece of scrapbook paper cut to size covers it nicely.


hopeandjoyhome said...

Great finds! I loves estate sales and the occasional yard sale rummage sale too! You can get good stuff usually at a great price! Julia

SibStudio said...

Those are great baskets! They look like they are in great condition and you can't beat the price!

MuffinTop said...

Awesome finds. Makes me want to leave work early and drop into the flea market to see what treasures I could find..

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