Saturday, October 8, 2011

Plastic Fruit Containers for Crafting

I often use plastic templates for creating my items, and usually have on hand quitling template mylar. I recently discovered that I can reuse a raspberry (or any fruit) container. The bottoms and tops are usually solid without vents so for small templates they are perfect. I love that I am not spending 3-5 a sheet for the quilting template and usually we have these containers lying around.

Simple enough just cut the top/bottom so it is flat, and draw your shape. I was very happy to discover that my Sharpie marker did not run when used on this plastic. Since I am most often using these for fabric applications this is a huge plus.

I drew my shape, this will be for 7/8 inch fabric covered buttons. After I traced the button, I marked with dots (just eyeball it) about 3/8 inch extra needed to tuck into the buttons.

Here is my template, reusable over and over until I lose it or run over it with my rotary cutter. I also trimmed the middle circle out so I can center my image.

I can see this cute little lady bug that will become a magnet, trace and cut.

Here is the completed magnet...cute as a bug or button, actually it is both!

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Annette said...

That's a great idea! I have used cereal boxes for templates before!

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