Monday, September 19, 2011

Geocaching Our First Outing

I recently learned about Geocaching on a blog I had visited, I had actually heard this term before so recently was inspired by this blog post to do a little research and join the fun.

Geocaching is an around the world type of hide and seek, using your GPS you locate "caches" pretty much...anywhere. You have to create an account on and choose your cache to find, enter the GPS coordinates and begin the hunt.

Our first find

We started simple in our home town as we set out more or less at dusk. We used the hint to find it as it had been raining all day and like I said it was dusk. We figured with a 6 year old a treasure hunt would be fun, it was though she was more interested in running through puddles and playing at the playground. My husband found this first one, and we left a trinket inside, you can take one if you like, we just left one this time, sign the log and put it back exactly where you found it.

Our first was in our hometown downtown park, Shain Park, a lovely urban park with art, lots of places to sit, historical monuments playground, fountain and grassy areas for lounging. Below are a few of the views of Shain Park in downtown Birmingham MI.

The park was unusually quiet as it was soaked from a days rain, the sun was setting and the clouds overhead lit the park beautifully.

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