Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Artists Market Limelight Emporium Downtown Northville

When you think walkable downtown areas in the Metro Detroit area Northville should certainly be near the top of the list. With its amazing shops, boutiques and galleries and everyday eateries and landmark restaurants it is truly a great place to wonder and spend a afternoon, day or evening.

Inside of Northville Square, looking into Limelight Emporium

Today I took a trip to consider and check out a new artist market that is opening this October called Limelight Emporium. Limelight will be located in Northville Square a stylish trendy new shopping, dining and office building on Main Street right in the downtown shopping district.

HGTV Cash and Cari retail shop Repurpose

The retail shops are at street level and one of the shops is Repurpose, which is the store for HGTV show Cash and Cari. I have actually seen this show a few times which is a reality based show following estate sales run by Cari Cucksey. This is on the same floor as Limelight Emporium.

Limelight Emporium will feature approximately 50 juried Michigan artists and crafters, a full retail shop open seven days a week. Artists rent spaces and pay commission on goods sold. The shop will also be a participant in the first Friday art walk that happens every month in the downtown area. Shoppers are treated to wine and cheese and a variety of shops open until 11:00 pm.

Above is a 6 foot wall space and a 1/2 vignette I am considering

The size spot(s) I am considering is a six foot wall space, or what is called a vignette, I am actually considering a 1/2 vignette, with this I would get more wall space and more space in general.

They have several options of spaces from endcap 24 inch to full vignettes which is about 9 wide by 5 deep. Artists can display and merchandise their spaces however they like in keeping with the vibe of the store, and of course stock with their handmade wares.

Endcap, with slatwall installation

This is the back of the store, ready with wall spaces, also a table waiting for artistic goodies

More wall spaces, and some area for display...pottery perhaps, these spots can be divided as needed
This is a full vignette, the largest space available, three walls, and feel of stepping inside a little store.
Looking from front to back, an old reclaimed church window reflects the upbeat color palette at Limelight Emporium.

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Kelly Quinn said...

Ohhh thanks for posting that information about Northville! Its not too far from Bloomfield ;-)

Also I didn't know the Cash and Carry show had a store! My sisters and father love going area estate sales especially if a potential episode was being filmed...lol

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