Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

Super excited to begin our journey which you can see above will somewhat end in 2025...uugh seems so far away...how old will I be then? We put our little one on the bus this morning, we were all excited and really ready for this day.

We raced up to the school to help get her tucked into her classroom, I was very relieved to see most parents were there as well. My husband had to remind to take a step back and let her find her way, she did great. As the teacher told the kids to say goodbye she turned and waved "Bye Mommy...Bye Daddy" and turned to join in the fun...she will be fine!

As it goes, it is back to work for me too, stacks and stacks of stuff await for me as I have a full fall schedule. I am excited to have some peaceful time to get organized and producing handmade items again.


hopeandjoyhome said...

That first day is always the toughest! I remember with my first son, I was walking out to the car and looked back in the classroom window as I walked by and he was sitting with his back to me and his head was lowered and the teacher was patting his back! I wanted to go back get him! My girls were different, the were glad to go. They just waved "Bye Mom!" and that was it. We all survived!

Sher said...

Sometimes I think the first day of kindergarden to preschool is harder on the mom than the child. At least that's how I remember it. Oh well, time to get creative now!

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