Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Pretend I Bead

I actually buy beads like I DO bead, I do dabble when making my beaded zipper pulls which go on my wristlets, but I rarely put them into anything actually wearable. I have been on the hunt for a clear crystal bracelet for quite a while. Either they aren't exactly what I am imagining or they are too expensive (for my budget anyway). I really don't spend too much on jewelry in general, but I decided to make this bracelet for myself.

I actually had an inspiration bracelet to work with that belongs to my step-mother, she let me use it as a model, I am super happy with the outcome, in spite of three trips to bead stores, Michaels and Joanns. I used Swarovski crystals in a few sizes and finishes, I opted to use silver plate as the price of sterling would make you faint, I actually have a few sterling beads from a few years ago so I did add those.

It is actually a stretchy bracelet but I added a closure for a more finished look, a dangle at the end will also make a great pair of matching earrings, which means a fourth trip to the bead store.

1 comment:

Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

How pretty! I like that you made it stretchy but still put a clasp on there.

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