Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stuffed Animal Sleepover

We attended our library's second annual "stuffed animal sleepover" last night, this year we took this purple teddy bear "Nina" along for the fun.

Our library has tons and tons of activities for kids of all ages, this event seems to be one of the highlight of the summer, there were probably 100 kids in attendance, many in pajamas and all carrying along a stuffed friend.

It was an action packed night with story telling, songs, skits and of course tucking in the animals for a night at the library.

Here we are placing Nina on the sleepover blanket, the stuffed animals will have run of the library, they take pictures of many hanging out all around the library, on the computer, and in the play area so the kids can see their animals were having a good time.

Not sure, looks like none of these stuffed friends will get a good nights sleep!

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