Monday, October 26, 2009

Working on a New Quilt for Me

I am working on a quilt for me, yes another project when many are still waiting completion. Sigh, such is a life of an obsessive sewer. Anyway I have some of the new fabric line Love by Amy Butler, have you seen it yet - it has grown on me lately like most of here collections seem to do and this time not after the line has been discontinued.

I am using the Paradise Garden in periwinkle, and I admit my pictures which were snapped late at night DO NOT do it justice but you can see what I am doing.

I am using a technique where you take 4 repeats and layer then on the repeat, it really helps to line up top to bottom as close to exact as possible so you have nearly identical blocks. I used the four repeats, cut the fabric on the fold and had two stacks of 4 repeats, then cut my blocks.

My repeat was about 13 inches, so I had a choice of 6 inch blocks or 4 inch blocks, I chose the large size and cut six 6 inch blocks from each stack, yielding enough cut blocks to make 12 4 patch blocks. The blocks finish to 11.5 inches, so 12 will give me enough for a small throw, and could be easily increased with sashings and borders, which I plan on doing.

This is six 6" cuts, the blocks are identical

Once your blocks are cut you will end up with 12 stacks of 4 pieces that should be exact, this is where the fun begins. You have 4 options per stack, just by rotating the pieces around, the blocks that emerge are different, and did I mention FUN? It was.

You can see what one set of 4 will yield, like I said the pics were snapped late at night, but you can still see the variation each turn gives.

These 4 blocks are made from the same block, each turned 1/4 turn, yielding very different looks. The final block I sewed was the first one.


maninthemoonherbs said...

It is going to be beautiful! Isn't it nice to do something just for yourself once in a while?

Chiara said...

oo lovely fabric.

Erica said...

That fabric is beautuful! I look forward to seeing your finished product!

rainbowfabrics said...

that looks beautiful

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