Sunday, October 25, 2009

My New Pincusions

What sewer doesn't love and NEED more pincushions? I have quite a collection I use in and around my sewing room and my house, but I also usually have a thimble in my pocket too, so I would say I am a typical sewer.

I am just crazy about my newest 2 additions to my pincushion collection, it would have been only one new but I could not resist both colorways of the new Michael Miller Whimsy line.

I sometimes work in a local quilt shop and one of the girls makes these darling and meticulously made pincushions, they are sort of a twisted square. They are stuffed very, very tightly with play sand and embellished top and bottom with buttons.

It is a 3 inch square with a twist so it does not lay flat, it is heavy for its size weighing almost a 1/2 a pound. She said she uses a small funnel and just keeps jamming it tight. She also recommended baking the sand on a cookie sheet low temp until dry, to both dry out the sand, and I would guess kill off anything that might be hiding in there too.

I had thought I might give one as a gift, but may end up keeping both myself, because you can always use more pincushions. Right? Right!

1 comment:

Diane Costanza said...

I like how you used the pattern of the fabric to shape the piece. They are great. They should do well for you on Etsy.

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