Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Are you ready? The big day is today, we are ready but mainly because we did not go all out this year decorating. We have attended a few local events and parties with our little one which was great fun but at home we did some crafting and costume embellishing and baking but really low key.

We have our candy and are ready for all the little ghosts and ghouls to come trick or treating, it is such fun to see all the variety of costumes that kids and their parents come up with each year.

We don't get a whole lot of trick or treaters, but the numbers have been improving the last few years as there have been more young kids in the neighborhood. I am very happy to get trick or treaters as when I first moved here I bought bags and bags of candy only to have about 20 kids come, I was sort of annoyed at the low attendence.

This year we will be handing out Kit Kat, Plain M&MS, Hersheys Cookies and Cream and Gummy Life Savers. I hope there will be a few left over for me to enjoy so I don't have to raid my daughters booty, just like my mom used to do : )

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