Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mini Pumpkin Fun

So you remember I visited a pumpkin patch recently and got these oh so cute mini pumpkins. I got them to decorate with my 4 year old since she helped to pick them out I thought it would be a fun project for a rainy day which we have had a few lately.

I got various trims like rick rack, boas and sequins along with beads, buttons and loose sequins. I then used some really tiny straight pins for securing all the embellishments to the pumpkins.

I found the pins I had almost to small for me to work with let alone my four year old, so she help pick and place but was really unable to work the pins into the pumpkin on here own. I think this would be a fun project for a little bit older child. We still had fun, but I will say pins, beads and buttons sort of ended up ALL over the place.

I have six pumpkins to decorate and we successfully (sort of anyway) did three of these. I really did not get enough of the stringed sequins, I think several yards would be necessary to do as much as I had wanted, I like to do about six sections per pumpkin.

The boas are really fun and easy and require such a little amount just a few inches pinned a few places along the stem.

The beads and buttons DID NOT work as the straight pins were to slender to hold down the bugle beads I had and the buttons. The sequins worked perfectly and we layerd two and sometimes three onto one pin.

This is a fun project to sit and do with kids, there are lots of ways you can embellish these pumpkins for the fall, find supplies at craft stores, dollar stores, re sale shops or even your own supply stash. Look for goodies after Halloween at great savings and put them away for next year.


Kay said...

How creative! I never would've thought to decorate pumpkins like that. Maybe it's because I don't have kids yet...I have a feeling that once I have them I'll be thinking more creatively...

Creative Dragonfly said...

What a great idea! I'll have to do that project with my granddaughter when she's a couple years older.

debi said...

Cute idea! I remember when...My "kids" are 23 and 25 now. We used to have so much fun with creative things when they were small. How lucky they are to have a special Mom like you!!

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