Friday, October 1, 2010

Yellow Door Sneak Peek Day

TODAY was the big day, I got to see my space at Yellow Door, and meet the owner April, truly exciting to actually see my space and get a visual which will help in the planning for the next month or so.

Looking into my spot, this will be on the right hand side, I will have a table for display that will go to the "blue" tape mark on the floor. I will have 2 old doors as one side wall with a third door as the return. The doors will be primed then I can paint and display however I like, right now I have no real big plans for them but am considering some hanging baskets.

This will be my "back wall, what you will see from the aisle as you shop the store. The 6 blue tape pieces show about where I will put my purse racks, these will be waterfall style and will hold about 5 purses each, for a total of 30 totes and purses.

This will be the "left" side where I will put my headboard piece, it will literally fill this space front to back with about an inch to spare, it will look sensational filled with baskets of creations. Above it will be two rows of bar or wire system with hanging hooks for wristlets and carabiner coin purses - still need to decide on the "system" I will use but have it narrowed down to 3 styles from Ikea.

My darling husband measuring and figuring how he will hang things, looking for studs and helping with decisions and prep work. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so awesome and is just as excited as I am in this new venture, it really has been great working together to get ready.

Monday the 4th is painting, I will be there bright and early to get to work, I will bring a few display pieces but plan on doing most displays later in the week. Pics and stories to follow!!!


Donna said...

I'm anxious to see how it comes together.

Lisa Davis said...

What an exciting journey you are about to go on! Much success to you.

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