Thursday, October 14, 2010

Forum Challenge Harvest Crafting

I happened onto a fun etsy forum thread, the challenge was to create something new in a harvest or fall theme.

I was originally going to do a string pieced item, but while digging through some scrap fabrics decided upon a simple pieced coin purse. I added a carabiner to the side to make one of my handy accessories.

I always save trimmings and small pieces in a basket for small projects, keep them in sight so they have a better chance of getting used...someday. When the basket gets too full, I move them to color coordinated bins.

Dump the basket and dig for colors I need, this time browns, rust, yellow, red and greens.

Narrowed down to these choices, iron and cut as necessary.

Each side is made up of a chocolate swirl each accented with an orange, yellow and green block, each side has 3 different blocks. finished with a yellow carabiner.

Happy Fall!

This fall inspired gem is available here for $8.00 plus s/h. I have lots more carabiner coin purses in two sizes in my etsy shop Midnight Creations.

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