Monday, October 4, 2010

Yellow Door Day One of Painting

My husband and I spent about 2 hours at Yellow Door today painting my space. I opted for a two tone in the green choices. I get the inside of theis space, the two endcaps will be painted by other artists, who will display their pieces there. My space is still awaiting trim, and painting of the trims.

At first the greens in the cans looked the same but changed quite a bit on the wall, one was much darker, which will really warm up the space.

We painted the back wall the lighter green, the side walls the darker green, this includes the 2 doors. The doors will be highlighted by the lighter green. I will do that when I go back later in the week.

I did a little scallop edge to bring the darker green onto the lighter green a bit, it made it a little easier to paint the corners, this will need a touch up. I had a friend who did this in her living room, a clever little detail, I think.

I will return later in the week to take my furniture display pieces and hang hardware on the walls. I have also ordered a wall decal I hope to get soon and install this week as well. Once this is done I will have my stock day which is the end of October.

Still LOTS to do!

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