Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yellow Door Progress

My "shop" is starting to take shape at Yellow Door, we spent several hours over two days to get it ready to go. We finished painting and touch up, moved in the bigger furniture display pieces into place which included; table, headboard and piano bench. All my purse hardware has been put up along with my shop name decal, custom made for me by BluestreakDecals on Etsy.

Of course as these things go there were a few catches, the headboard did not fit by about an inch, luckily April was willing to let us remove the base boards and it fits, it almost looks like it was custom built to go there. When hanging the purse waterfalls we hit cement, which meant they could not be properly hung so we had to reposition them and then do some patching. I have three more single bag hooks to install, not wanting to run into the same issue I have opted for adhesive hooks in a faux copper look to compliment the brown trim and my decal, the hooks will be below the decal.

Left side headboard with baskets, above wristlets and carabiner coin purses

Looking into the left, purse waterfalls, this will hold 25 bags

My custom decal, there will be 2-3 hooks installed to hold single bags underneath

April and I check out the space

For more of my looks be sure to visit my online etsy shop, Midnight Creations, see you soon!

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Donna said...

Looking good! I love the green colors you chose.

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