Monday, August 31, 2009

Scrap Quilts

I have a love for scrap quilting and the random organized look these quilts show. In the summer it is wonderful to wash them and let them dry outside, not in direct sunlight of course. They are queen size and are resting on my hammock in the backyard The two shown are two of my largest and most favorite.

The "red" one is quite detailed and took about 8 months to piece during the fall and winter months evenings and weekends when I worked full time and lived on my own.

The white one is called "Delectable Mountains" when I made this and tried to use lighter colors and no red. It was seeming that all my scrap quilts were looking red so avoiding red for this was my goal. This is a fresh quilt that we often use on the bed in the summer months.

1 comment:

Katie McFarland said...

I appreciate anyone who can quilt! I tried once, and just ended up poking my self with the needle a lot! Great work

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