Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting the hang of it

I am finally getting the hang of adding elements, widgets, buttons and hoo-ha's to my blog. I would still love a more colorful background and header but for now I am ok with the standard template. I have been peeking around etsy for this and so far not found the perfect look, I may put in an alchemy request though to be honest this is not real appealing to me. I also really want to keep the three column look so I need to be sure this will still be an option.

What I have sucessfully gotten to work, is the "Follow me on Twitter" button. I added a list of places I visit on the web, I will update as I can. I also made a list of items I am sewing for the week, these will be listed in the shop probably within a week to 10 days of being on the list, not sure how reliable this will be but it is fun to try this virtual list. I added a few other widgets and moved others around a bit.

I am sure it will only get better, guessing others have gone throught this learning curve as well.

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