Saturday, August 29, 2009

I piece therefore I am...

A quilter that is. Saving and sorting scraps is both fun and daunting, diving into them and sewing like mad is fun, Fun, FUN.

I start with a pile of scraps for string piecing, the best ones are long and thin my goal for this was fabrics that had brown in them. For this project I made 8 inch muslin squares and so the strips need to cover that at least, and I try to go an inch or so beyond that at a minimum.

String piecing is a simple and very old way of quilting blocks, in my technique I simply sew a strip face down to the muslin, flip, iron and sew the next one. I like thin random sizes sewn straight and on angles. I do this in both directions until the entire muslin square is completely covered.

Once the muslin square is covered you trim from the back into your desired finish size, in this case 7.5 x 7.5 inches. This is actually my favorite step, seeing the block emerge and the fabrics that are featured is great fun.

When done sew them into your own creations, this is a pillow I made and is now for sale in my etsy shop. I also make coasters and placemats with this technique but they can easily go into any creation you can think up to use and enjoy!

The question always is at the end of this "Is the scraps stash ANY smaller"?

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Jennette said...

Love that pillow,and am now a reader!

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