Sunday, August 30, 2009

Craftgawker is fun to browse

I recently learned about Craftgawker an online gallery where anyone can display handmade goods. You apply or "submit" items for their review and if chosen get front page exposure, usually for a few hours at a time. I have found some amazing shops and items from this venue and am always impressed with each front page presentation, you can tell they really put thought behind each item chosen and the site is proffesional and very visually appealing.

I have submitted a total of six items, three were accepted and three were declined. I like many online sellers constantly struggle to get great pictures and having items chosen for Craftgawker is a real treat and motivating factor to improve my pictures even more.

You can see my Craftgawker gallery here, enjoy and thanks to Craftgawker for the opportunity.

My Craftgawker "Accepted" Gallery:

My Rejected Gallery:

I am always excited to be accepted to Craftgawker, and do not take rejections personally. I have been using this experience to better all my pictures I put into my shop, so it has been a great learning tool.


pickleberries said...

I LOVE Craftgawker & the sister site Foodgawker too. So many fab things! I've had my glass on Craftgawker quite often and it's always a thrill to scan down the rows to find my piece.

Christie Cottage said...

I just recently heard of craftgawker too. I hear it is excellant exposure for your shop!

Thanks for posting on my Sunday Blog Blast thread!

Justine said...

Thanks for the info. I've seen it and never knew how it worked. Great post!


Midnight Creations said...

I have a total of 9 accepted, and 16 rejected, I will try to keep updating as I go along.

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