Monday, May 21, 2012

Yellow Door Revamping My Space

It has been about 18 months since I signed onto and Yellow Door Art Market opened, I decided with the renewing of my lease in April it was time for a change.  I finally got a chance to go and  revamp my space.

As a recap, I rent a 9 foot by 9 foot space, it is a full retail shop open seven days a week, I display and stock my space as needed, it has been a great experience and a great expansion to my handmade business.

I have repainted from green to yellow, the color pallette is the same for all the spaces, we can paint any of the designated colors.  I am reducing the number of purse waterfalls from 4 to 5 to allow some other product changes.  I will also be taking in and taking back some furniture for displays.

Today I removed the wristlet wall and the purse waterfalls and painted, I did sort of get 2 coats so hopefully I won't have to fully paint again, touch up and patching holes is my next task, hopefully Tuesday.

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