Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flint Handmade Wrap Up and A Tip

 May 5th was the Flint Handmade Spring Show, I had a great show and a great time.  Also got some pictures done by a local photographer, they turned out great, so I have a few for show and tell.

Also a picture of my own, this is a nifty trick I had not really seen or not really thought of doing.  I had done the week prior the Craft Circus in Ypsilanti and a few of the vendors did this.  It came at the perfect time as I have been wanting/needing to add height to my table and displays.  The idea is to use bed risers under your table, so a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond I got some for myself, I actually plan to get a second set.


Here is my table with the risers, this did leave my tablecloths not perfect they do cover but I had to pin to hide a gap.  This show was also the reminder that there is a huge difference in an 8 foot table vs. a 6 foot table.

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