Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bevy of Bookmarks all from Scraps

Yay!  That is my first thought at all these projects that use up scraps.  I save just about everything, and times when I don't save an odd and end I often regret it, I am going to refer to these moments as "never say never crafting supplies".

These bookmarks are made up of three elements of which I have been hanging onto for a long time.  Skinny fabric pieces, skinny interfacing pieces and small bits of ribbon.  Some fabrics are just too cute to throw away no matter how small, I already have quite a few items I offer from scraps, like mirrors, paperclip bookmarks, magnets, hair accessories, coasters...and more.  Now these bookmarks will be offered at some of my upcoming offline events.

This collection of fabric started simply by a leftover and thinking it looks just like a bookmark, the same thing happened with skinny interfacing leftovers too...hmm, fabric for cute and interfacing for body.  I have done these in another post a much more involved type of bookmark here, but I wanted fast and simple, so I cut down the steps and made about 40 of these in a few short hours.

I trimmed the fabric and interfacing to more or less the same size, thought this is not a requirement.  I did work in a common size for most about 2.5 inches wide by 9 inches tall, again it can be any size.  I did try to have the interfacing which will provide the stability to be about the same size.

My interfacing is medium or heavy weight fusible, so I first fuse to the back side of my fabric, layer with a backing fabric and trim the top with pinking blade or sheers.  Pin together to keep the pinked edge lined up.  This will be the top and where you will put the ribbon tab.  Again mainly relying on scrap ribbon using 11-12 inch piece loop and put edges inside the top of the book mark, inside about 1/2 inch.

These will be raw edged, so your layering would be right side up (interfacing should be sewn on) then your backing fabric should be right side down.

I did my start and stop stitch at the point where the ribbon is in the bookmark, and sew around the rectangle back to the start. I used about 1/4 inch seam, this can vary as needed or as you like.

Trim around all 4 edges with pinking blade or shears to cut down on raveling.

Behold this lovely pile of scraps is now a lovely pile of bookmarks, awaiting being stuck in a book.


Knell said...

I'll have to make some of these when I finally learn to use a sewing machine. I also hoard craft supplies and save everything! And then, I go and BUY clearance craft supplies like fabric and trims, when I don't even do any crafting with those items! But of course, one day... I even have a sewing machine that I was given and am hoarding...

Unknown said...

Love these. Great, easy tutorial and I love your fabrics.

Unknown said...

Love these. Great, easy tutorial and I love your fabrics.

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