Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Leon and Lulu Artists Market

I recently did my first juried show, at a local furniture and accessory store called Leon and Lulu. This is a quarterly show that is quite unique both in its setting and in the selected artists. The show is always held Sunday and Tuesday of the given weekend and is attended by hundreds of shoppers, each event also supports a local charity.

Leon and Lulu is a destination type of store the kind you could wonder around several times and still not see everything. One of a kind artwork, furniture and accessories all in a renovated roller rink, complete with hundreds of pairs of roller skates. You will also find a sweet big dog named Spot wandering around as well, he is especially keen to make friends with you if you happen to grab a bag of popcorn from the snack bar.

I had a great time during the show, the in person feedback I get is always helpful to get new ideas or tweek old ones. I also met several local artists/crafters and hope to keep in touch with them to share ideas and events in the future.

I had a great space to set up, in dining room display, so I had a large table, a buffet, and next to me was a bed with a sofa table, so I had lots and lots of room to spread out, I also brought a grid wall for my purses.

I had prepped two new offerings for the show, what I call "Accessory Ensembles" these were coordinated groupings of...accessories. I had large ones which started with a cosmetic pouch and had varying coordinated accessories like change purse, tissue cozy, pocket mirror, eyeglass case, key chains, hair accessories, mini composition books. I was super happy with the presentation which was simple crunchy cello bags, each labeled with contents and pricing, they looked really pretty and colorful when displayed. The pricing for these was 20.00-30.00 each. These did not sell as well as I had hoped BUT got lots of attention, I think if it were closer to a gift giving time like Christmas or Mothers Day they would have sold more, I would do more of these in the future.

I had then done "mini accessory ensembles" that were just a three piece set, many with a mini coin purse, pocket mirror and tissue cozy, each presented in a tulle drawstring bag each were $12.00. I had made over 35 of these and had less then 10 left, and got lots and lots of positive comments on these as well, I think closer to the holidays these will be a huge hit, I would bring even more next time.

Other items I had were carabiner coin purses which are a great seller for me in general and a personal fave of mine too. I sold lots of pocket mirrors, eyeglass cases and jumbo paper clip book marks. I had several requests for card cases and tea cozies and would definitely add these to future shows.

All in all my first Leon and Lulu show was a success, I plan to re-apply for a fall show and take all that I learned from this one and improve for the next.


Lisa Davis said...

Hi, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you sharing with us and I love your purses and accessories. This info is really helpful to those of us who may have a handcraft business. You have encouraged me and I hope this encourages you! Have a great day!

MaryLiz said...

Thanks for joining us at the Artists Market! We enjoyed having you here and the staff loved the tissue cozies I bought from you.

Spot prefers hot dogs to popcorn, just FYI...

See you soon!

Warm regards form MaryLiz and all your pals at Leon & Lulu

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