Monday, January 9, 2012

Skillet Fries

Simple potato recipe when you need a quick side. Wash potatoes, peel or not peel it is up to you, slice I like thinner then 1/4 inch as it reduces cooking time. I also add a few slices of onion, what ever you have on hand, if you don't have onions, dried onions will add a nice flavor.

Add sliced potatoes and onions to pan with butter, spread around the pan and cover, flip potatoes a few times as necessary to get a fried or golden color. Potatoes are done when a little bit crispy and cooked through. You can add butter as necessary or to speed up cooking add a splash of water and cover.

This also makes the pan seasoned for cooking a meat if you wish, I often will push the potatoes to the side, or remove and cook up pork chops or chicken, return potatoes to the pan after meat cooks to reheat and serve.

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Kathy said...

comfort food, yum!

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