Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sewing Room Trash Buckets

Another entry in the "dumb blog posts" world, this time my use of "trash buckets" I have these little galvanized buckets I keep on my sewing table and around my sewing room to help keep things tidy.

I find in general, though this is not the rule the more organized and clean I can be the more productive I can be. Having a spot to toss bits of fabric and threads in arms length keeps me more efficient, yes silly but true.

In addition to the buckets I use constantly I have this little one right next to the sewing machine, it hangs on the wall along with the bar that I use to drape items waiting to be sewn. Not having to move and reach around for a basket on the floor keeps me in the groove of sewing, which makes me more productive.


Unknown said...

this is actually a really brilliant idea, and would help me out tons if I did this when sculpting.

not dumb at all!

Unknown said...

oops that is my comment!

I might start using some buckets for this in my work space.

Annette said...

Not dumb at all! The motto in my sewing room..."whatever works"!!

Kathy said...

I say clever...

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