Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sewing Room Organizing Tips and Vintage Find

I think I will pretty much eternally be adding new organizational tools to my sewing room. Here are a few I have done in the last few weeks. Above I have added a fairly large dry erase board, mainly I have been using this to keep my sewing list for the week, I can see it from my table so it is a great visual to keep me on track.

This is the area right next to my sewing machine in arms reach, a silverware organizer and a small dry erase board for quick thoughts. Also in this are are Command Hooks, a personal fave of mine here they hold my pinking rotary cutter, back up scissors, and lint roller.

With summer here there are lots of great items for organization, lots of colorful tubs and bins that can easily find a home in crafting areas. This silverware organizer is great for tools I use constantly like my Fast Turn Set, snap setting tool, small hammer, chopsticks, pens, pencils, ruler, calculator, notepad.

I have also installed above my sewing machine an Ikea shelf, I love this shelf it is a great way to get items up out of my workspace yet very close by. Best part this shelf combo was about 11.00 and only 2 screws to hold into place. Also remember my button jars they found a home too!

I love this addition to my sewing room, for $3.00 I got this bar system and hanging cup from Ikea. I now can hang cut in progress works and have a little spot to put threads and small cuttings that are always a part of working at the sewing machine, this is directly to my right as I sew, a great efficiency for me in my new space.

Onto my vintage iron. I scored this old gem at an estate sale it was literally one we were just driving by so we stopped on in to find this iron, I have dated it to the mid 80's and honestly I remember my mom having a similar one when I was in junior the mid 80's...sigh.

Oddly as my husband does most of my ironing we really only had the one iron so often I was running to the living room to do odd bits of ironing I needed done during sewing. This one like many older versions of modern items is mostly metal and therefore gets crazy hot, so hot I think it dims the lights in about 10 neighboring houses when turned on.

The great thing about a really hot iron it helps in fusing of interfacings and fleeces, it is also heavier so the weight of the iron really pushed the heat down for an excellent bond. The iron was really quite pristine, the plate free of all debris and it still steams through the holes which is something I use frequently. Best part about my new score it was $2.50, an awesome addition to go with my table top ironing board (new in package) I got at a Salvation Army for 5.00, we now have 2 ironing stations which helps with fast production.


Steve Finnell said...

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Amanda said...

Thanks for all the organization ideas! I'm constantly adding new shelves and bins to my crafty space too! :)

Shruti said...

I love your sewing room... I just started a new blog dedicated to sewing spaces... Would you like to be featured in it? Please email me if you're interested and we can decide on a date..

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