Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dumb Blog Post: Onion Keeper

I have had this nifty kitchen tool for a while now and I just love it! I am constantly using half an onion and I picked this up last summer for about 4.00. It is a plastic twist close container to keep your onion use-able, longer. I have left a half in there a week or more and have it fresh and ready to use, no more wasting those yummy summer sweet onions.

Oh, this also marks the first of my "Dumb Blog Posts" you know those easy quick posts about something rather silly...or dumb...enjoy! Sadly, I will probably have more dumb things to say.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

I have one too. Found mine at TJ Max, my home away from home... I agree 100%, one of my "new" favorite things. Keeps onions for a long time...

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