Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Bunch of Flowers 6 Vases

I recently collected six of the same size and shape vase, a few I had a few I found at a garage sale. The garage sale finds were actually brand new from a flower shop that closed down due to retirement. I got 4 vases for 1.00, such a deal and already put to use.

A $10.00 bouquet from a local flower shop, daisies, carnations, greens, stattice a few others I don't know the names. Some Queens Anne Lace I spared from being mowed down I was able to fill 6 bud size vases for a party this weekend.

Won't these look great scattered around the tables, sprinkle in some candles and it is a great and budget friendly to add color to your party. Or, just do it for fun!

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