Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Items Shopping and Drawstring Bags

I love collecting re-usable shopping bags, and now I love making them. I have come up with two sizes and have begun adding them to my etsy shop.

In addition to the shopping bags I have included drawstring bags to my line as well, I have just a few listed now but hope to expand upon them by fall, both for online and offline events.

You can see in my shop now, mini shopping bags, or 10 items or less bags, each complete with a drawstring pouch for carrying.

I deconstruted a standard plastic grocery bag and then came up with a pattern for making the same size and shape. I used a few online resources to get the finishing touches and am really pleased as a shopper and as an item to add to my shop.

So far I have listed just the minis, they are just that small bags that can be used when running out to get just a few items. I was able to fit in this size the items below, now with all these items it is quite full, but will hold them until you get home.

All these items fit in the mini shopping bag

Mini Shopping Bags w/drawstring pouch $10.00

Each mini comes with its own drawstring carry bag, fold directions below

Store your mini, fold in thirds lengthwise, fold in thirds and again folding handles down first, then final fold in thirds, now it will fit into the drawstring bag perfectly.

I have done a few large or standard size grocery bags that I am using myself or have tucked away for Christmas Gifts. I hope to collect some fabrics and add these later in the summer and for fall for sure.

So far I LOVE them, they hold a lot and owing to the double fabric construction and french seams they hold a heavy load. A recent test run to the library I was able to hold about 15 pounds of books. It would have actually hold more then this but this was my limit to carry and juggle a 4.5 year old, the bag felt strong and sturdy!

When I add the larger bags to my shop I will do them as singles or as doubles with their own large drawstring bag. Below is the first I have done, I actually will be giving this one as a gift for Christmas...shhh, don't tell. The drawstring bag has an exterior pocket and the grocery bags are the same as the pocket, all tied up for shopping.

Making the drawstring bags inspired me to make some linen ones and offer them as accessories in my shop, below are the first of many I hope to offer. I will vary sizes and looks, I just love these versatile bags.

Linen Drawstring Duo with String Pieced Pockets $22.00

Be sure to check back for more shopping bags both mini and full size as well as a variety of drawsting bags, I also have in the works a child back pack that is a drawstring style. See you soon!

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Julie said...

These bags are awesome! I put one on my blog.... :)

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