Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vendor Apron

I have been doing a few offline events, like mom to mom sales and small craft shows and decided to make an apron. I browsed a few books with some ideas and settled on a variation of a cafe apron with large pockets.

Simple to do and only took about 35 minutes, I had sort of sketched out the dimensions prior so that was some added time before actually beginning.

I used a heavier duck cloth for the base and two coordinated quilting fabrics for the pockets and the strap.

Duck cloth and two quilting fabrics

Basic shape of this is a rectangle, and I found that a dish towel or placemat made a good size to go on my body and just varied the size slightly from this measurement.

Materials needed:
  1. Duck Cloth or heavy fabric like denim, bottom weight, twill
  2. Focal fabric 1/4 yard of two coordinated or same fabrics
  3. Walking foot
  4. Basic sewing supplies, thread, scissors, rotary cutter and ruler, sewing machine
Make the body:
Cut from Duck Cloth 2 14" x 20" rectangles (or your desired size). From the pocket fabric, I used the quarter yard of fabric folded over at the middle.

Pocket sew right side to right side

Sew pocket fabric right side to right side, turn, press then sew top stitch at what will be the top edge of the pocket.

Layer the apron body as follows:
Duck cloth
Pocket (pocket should stick out around bottom and sides)
Duck cloth

Stitch around entire rectangle, leaving a 4-5" opening at the top for turning. Turning here will be easiest as there will be no bulk from the pocket fabric. I used a 1/2" seam and a walking foot to get through all the layers, though this is not necessary.

Trim away excess pocket fabric and nip the corners at an angle close to stitching, turn right side out and sew opening closed. Stitch pockets down through all layers, I made three, the two side pockets were 6 inches, the middle ended up about 6.5 inches.

Make the straps:

I made it long enough to wrap around my body two times plus more for a generous bow tied at the front, you could vary this to tie at the back if you wish. I would allow at least 20 inches per side for a tied bow.

Cut strips 3.5 inches wide by length needed, you may need to piece end to end, allow for matching if desired. Fold in half lengthwise and sew first corner at a 45 degree angle Sew one end closed and sew to about 6-8 inches from the finishing end, leave about a 3 inch gap for turning, then sew a few inches to your 45 degree end.

Sewn strap, 45 degree angle with gap for turning at one end

I use a Fast Turn tool to turn my handles, but any method you are comfortable with will work, like a bodkin or large safety pin or diaper pin. Turn right side out stitch opening close.

Attach the straps:

Find the halfway point of your straps and apron pin in place and sew down along the top, edge of body and bottom of strap.

Apron is complete, lots of ways to personalize this with embellishments, embroidery, patchwork. Easy pattern that is easily customizable.

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Jamie Lee said...

This is great--I plan to make one tomorrow morning! Thanks for sharing!

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