Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day Outing Detroit Zoo

Though a little colder then I would have liked we decided on an outing to the Detroit Zoo, a common destination for us year round.

We only spent about an hour and a half today and rode the train for the first time this season and spent time at the Prairie Dogs, exhibit they are always fun and somewhat relaxing to watch. The added bonus of the kids observation tubes made this the highlight of today's visit.

The Prarie Dogs are usually quite active and today that was true as well, lots of digging and chasing and lots of food around too so they were all scurrying around eating what looked to be peanuts, though I am not sure that is what it was.

The zoo has this great kid feature where kids can go below and look through observation tubes right inside the exhitibit, it is a very tight squeeze for adults, of course some will try.

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