Friday, April 30, 2010

More Mom to Mom Finds

Catching up from last week with my mom to mom purchases.
  1. Bucket of 10 puzzles $1.00
  2. Sequence for Kids $3.00
  3. Little Tikes 3 wheel Roller blades $3.00
  4. Four person wood Mancala $2.00
  5. Twister Moves $2.00
  6. Go Fish Card Game .50 cents
  7. Giant reversible Bible Puzzle .50 cents
  8. Round Four Game .50 cents
  9. Veggie Tales Puzzle card game .50 cents
Thought I would share my fave, good and dud pics from the weekend.

Favorite picks:
Giant Floor Puzzle. this puzzle has 2 beautiful kid friendly artwork pictures. the pieces are 8-10 inches each and are really thick. This puzzle is from 1991 and is in mint condition and for only 50 cents.

Mancala, I loved Mancala as a child and this was the first time I had seen it in a 4 player version. It is solid wood with multi colored glass stones and directions. Several looked at this and passed it over, the glass beads were really dusty as was the wood board. I rinsed the stones in a colander and polished the board and it is just gorgeous, love this!

Good picks:
The roller blades, these are far nicer then the roller skates I have looked at new and are not filled with characters were all plastic and barely rolled. To get actual roller blades new are at least 40.00 so 3.00 for these 3 wheeled versions was a good find.

Sequence for Kids, this was actually on my list to get I had seen it new for 14.00 so 3.00 is a great deal. Fun too!

Bucket of puzzles, 10 puzzles for $1.00 cents and the mom prior had coded them all so if they got mixed a flip over on the back makes for easier sorting.

Dud picks, well less then great:
Round Four game has 100 little chips and is in excellent condition but I am not sure how fun this game will actually be, DH and I are going to play it a few times and decide. It is also a game for older kids so it would be one to pack away.

Animal Soup, card game that is not very imaginative or really no different then games like Old Maid or Go fish which we have.

Veggie Tales puzzle game, well this was not really a dud but labor intensive. It has 80 cards with reversible puzzles, each puzzle is 4 pieces so sorting this out took some effort. I think when we play this we will limit the number we use each time.

So I am hooked on mom to mom sales and the deals I have gotten!


waterwaif said...

Great finds and deals!

Saw you on the etsy forums. I'm your newest follower!


Gay Vaughan said...

I haven't Friday followed in a while so thought I would join in today! Can't wait to get to know you.

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