Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mom to Mom Sales

So I have recently been attending quite a few mom to mom sales here in the Detroit area, both as a seller and a buyer. As a buyer I have been buying mostly games and puzzles. I thought I would share my little mom to mom windfall.

Some of my recent purchases along with the great deals I have gotten:
  1. Twister $2.00
  2. Perfection $3.00
  3. Gator Golf $1.00
  4. Mini Air Hockey Table $4.00
  5. Deck of jumbo Cards 50 cents
  6. Disney Princess Wishes Game $2.00
  7. Disney Electronic Uno $2.00
  8. Mancala (Wood) $2.00
  9. V Tec Laptop with working mouse $3.00
  10. How Tall am I game $2.00
  11. Jumbo pre shcool Dominos $2.00
  12. Build a Bear Unicorn $1.00
  13. Operation Brain Surgery $1.00
  14. Addition/Subtraction Owl $1.00
  15. Flip and Learn cards 2 packs $2.00
  16. Chaos Wood Game $2.00
  17. Coinstruction set $1.00
  18. Matchbox Build a City Puzzle w/2 cars $1.00
  19. Strawberry Shortcake puzzle .50 cents
  20. Kelly Club Puzzle .50 cents
  21. Littlest Pet Shop Puzzle .50 cents

Mom to mom sales are a great way to get rid of childrens items when you no longer have a need. Or shop for great items at great pricing, keep them looking good and when you kids outgrow them sell them to the next family to enjoy!

If you live in the Metro Detroit area this is a great resource for finding sales. They are winding down somewhat for the season but watch in the fall they take off again.

Mom2Mom List - Spring Shows

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Adorebynat said...

These would be some stuff that I would love to get for my kids. My shopping is now about his stuff or my supplies....lol. Forget those clothes shopping for myself. Lol.

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