Friday, December 4, 2009

Potters Market

One of my favorite winter activities is to visit the annual potters market, it is put on each year by Oakland Community College by students and accomplished potters.

One of the largest in the country it features the work of about 130 artists from the area, all of whom have gone through or worked in the OCC ceramic program. It is a great way to add to my collection and each year I find new favorites and enjoy my time there. Many I recognize from local shows and years past and there are new ones each year as well.

Rows and rows of pottery

This year I went with a friend and we strolled for about 2 hours, going back through a few sections a couple of times. If you like something be sure to grab it as you might not remember where you saw it.

It is just rows and rows of pottery, all in baskets which makes digging through fun and exciting to find the right color, shape and size. This year my fun color scheme was lime and blue, I also was drawn to red pieces, they were eye catching and fun to find as well. It is great when you choose a piece then later find a coordinating piece in a different location, hopefully you grabbed the first one.

Bins, boxes and baskets of pottery

The market is set up into three basic locations, jewelry and ornaments, smaller utility type pieces, and a gallery section with larger and more decorative pieces.

Gallery area, larger and decorative pieces

I got a total of 5 pieces this year, all smaller in size a few in the lime I can use as small serving or butter dishes, or handy around the sewing room I also got a tray set in black and red that will look good on my black counter for serving dishes, which is usually my favorite use for pottery.

Green and blue small, oval and square

Red and black bowl and rectangle platter

This year since I went on Friday, I still have two days to go back in case I decide there is another item I just cannot live without until next year.

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Derek said...

Sandy, I just bought an Onion Pot (Coolest thing) from a long time OCC potter. - Derek

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