Thursday, January 8, 2015

Merchandise Bags from Catalog Pages

Every year we get this amazing catalog from a local mall, it is thick pages and very vibrant ads.  I always imagined I would sew up some bags from it and this year final did!  You can see above a few of my creations peeking out from one that is sewn up.
Catalog, with its lovely pages.

I used two pages per bag, and trimmed the front page (bag) a few inches lower, I chose to use a pinking blade, which would be the same effect as pinking shears. 

Simply sew the two sheets together in a U, and wella you have simple and nearly free bags, I completed about 25 bags in about an hour. 

This was actually a fun and quick little project, and I still have about 1/2 the catalog left, though admittedly I have already used most of the really colorful pages.  This will be great for an upcoming Clearance show I hope to do in early February.

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