Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Tree 2010

We decided this year to get a live tree, and cut it down ourselves. It was a great day to do this we went a week ago the weather was still bearable at 40 degrees. We drove to North of Oxford to a tree farm called Mutch's Hidden Pines.

You get on a wagon and they drive you out to a field of trees, we decided on Douglas Fir as the soft needles and the ease of care was appealing since this was our first live tree.

The wagon ride to the fields was beautiful and peaceful

We had a great time walking through the woods to choose our perfect tree, we found one and dragged it the front of the field where we were picked up by the wagon. They then trim it, shake all the needles and leaves from it then tie it up to put on the car.

Our 2010 Christmas tree

We had a great time and hope to make this an annual event. We loved the idea of supporting a small local family business. Michigan is 3rd behind the Oregon and the Carolinas for Christmas Tree harvests, they are an important part of MI agricultural content, they provide wildlife habitats and produce oxygen before being enjoyed for the holidays.

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