Monday, February 14, 2011

Glassine Candy Filled Hearts

Last minute idea and post for these cute glassine hearts, laced with ribbon and filled with candy hearts. A large eye plastic needle makes this a great craft for the kids to get in on as well.

  • Glassine - can be purchased in sheets usually at art supplies shops, I got sheets 20 x 24 inches for 1.00 each. a sheet will yield about 10-15 depending on how large and how you space hearts
  • Mini pinking shears or decorative scissors
  • 1/8" hole punch
  • 1/8" wide ribbon
  • Needle, plastic or tapestry will work, with eye enough eye to thread ribbon
  • candy hearts or M&M's
  • Paper heart, or heart template, mine was about 4" across

1. Using your heart shape template cut 2 hearts at a time using decorative edge scissors.

2. Punch holes, if you punch an even amount the ribbon will end up on the top, start just to the left of the heart cleavage.

3. Thread with ribbon starting at the cleavage and sew up and down, leave an opening to fill, finish threading, tie in bow

I will be using these as party favors for a belated Valentines get together at the weekend, great for kids and adults!

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